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Express Offers

eXp Realty LLC 

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About ExpressOffers

eXp Realty built a proprietary iBuying software platform called ExpressOffers® that allows eXp agents to connect their clients with institutional buyers or iBuyers who buy your home in cash within a short time frame. Rather than providing one offer, ExpressOffers connects your clients with cash buyers across the U.S., allowing them to choose the best offer on their home. ExpressOffers is designed for sellers to quickly sell their homes without the hassle of listing it, staging it or holding open houses. That's right! NO NEED TO DEAL WITH THE HASSLE OF OPEN HOUSES, STAGING, OR LISTING YOUR HOM ON-MARKET

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What if I'm not happy with offer?

You have no obligation to choose an offer you’re not satisfied with

How Does Express Offers Work?

After submitting a short form that includes your name, phone number, email and property, an agent will get in touch with you about submitting your property. Once your home is listed, you’ll receive one or more cash offers. If you like one of the offers, you’ll choosing a closing date that works best for you.

How will it cost to request an offer?

ExpressOffers does not charge homeowners to receive or accept an offer.

Options to Sell Your Home Fast!

If your home meets the criteria, you can get Cash Buyers willing to close as Fast as you need. No need to worry with nosey neighbors walking through your home, if you don't want. Sell your home without needing to have an Open House or vacating your home for endless showings


Learn More About What EXPRESS OFFERS Can Do For You

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